Yellowhorse Custom Hawaiian Commemorative Knife

Tahoe Kitchen Co

Featuring blue turquoise, white turquoise, and orange spiny stone, this custom-handled knife is hand worked by world-renowned Navajo Artist David Yellowhorse on the Navajo reservation.  David's artistic handles have been synonymous with pocketknives for decades.  For the first time, he has partnered with Wölfe Cutlery, a kitchen knife line, to bring his artistic vision to life in kitchens and dining rooms worldwide.  Use this commemorative carving knife for turkey and ham at your holiday meals; also used for perfect slices of brisket, tenderloin, or roast beef.  It also makes a great knife for cheese, salamis, and bread on charcuterie boards.  The orange spiny stone hearkens to Hawaiian sunsets, while the white turquoise symbolizes Hawaii’s white sandy beaches.  The blue turquoise, a stone of significance to Native Americans, represents David's Navajo heritage as well as Hawaii's blue ocean waters, binding two cultures together. Finally, his artistic vision culminates with the sea turtle, a creature sacred to the Hawaiian people as it embodies good luck, protection, endurance, and long life.

Available exclusively to guests of the Auberge Mauna Lani, order your commemorative knife today and enjoy a piece of Hawaiian and Native American history in your home for decades to come.  

Each handle is painstakingly made to order and signed by David.  Please allow 6 months for delivery of your piece of art.


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